interior element installation

Sports fashion store

Zurich, Switzerland

Our teams have installed furniture and interior details in various Lululemon stores in Europe. Installed partition walls, billboards, shelves, cabinets and etc.

Furniture installation in a sport fashion store involves setting up various pieces of furniture to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional space for customers. Here are the steps involved in the process:

1. Delivery and unboxing: The furniture pieces, such as display racks, shelves, tables, chairs, and garment racks, are delivered to the store. They are carefully unboxed to avoid any damage.

2. Placement: The furniture items are placed strategically throughout the store to maximize the use of space and create a smooth flow for customers. This may involve arranging garment racks in a way that showcases different types or styles of denim, placing tables where customers can try on jeans, and positioning shelves to display folded merchandise.

3. Assembling: Some furniture items may require assembly before they can be used. This includes attaching legs to tables or chairs, connecting shelving units, and securing garment racks together. Detailed instructions provided by the manufacturer are followed to ensure the furniture is assembled correctly and safely.

4. Securing to the floor or wall: In a fashion store, where heavy sporting goods may be hung on racks, it is essential to secure the furniture to prevent tipping or toppling. This may involve using anchors to attach racks or shelves to the floor, or utilizing wall brackets to secure items that are positioned against the walls.

5. Accessorizing: Once the main furniture is in place, smaller accessories such as mirrors, hooks, signage, and lighting fixtures are added to enhance the overall ambiance and functionality of the store. Mirrors are strategically positioned to allow customers to view themselves in denim choices, hooks are installed for hanging accessories, and lighting fixtures are adjusted to highlight specific areas or displays.

6. Finishing touches: Finally, the furniture installation is completed by ensuring all furniture items are leveled, cleaned, and arranged in an organized manner. Any packaging materials or debris are removed from the store, leaving a clean, inviting space for customers.

Overall, furniture installation in a fashion store requires careful planning, proper placement, assembly, and securing of furniture pieces to create an attractive and functional retail environment for customers to browse and purchase denim products.

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