We provide a wide profile of carpentry services worldwide.
Be it plasterboard installation, furniture installation, interior finishing works: installation of glass partitions, installation of doors, windows, installation of suspended ceilings in shops, hotel rooms, public spaces, restaurants or offices, while furnishing them – a very demanding job.

 We can help you with our international experience.

Professional furniture installation

Professional furniture installation for hotels, shops, public spaces, bars, restaurants, offices

Installation of glass partition walls

Divide larger spaces into smaller ones with custom designed partition walls for versatile spaces.

Installation of household appliances

Enjoy hassle-free installation of household appliances and other equipment such as TVs, sound systems, and more.

Electrician services

Electrical installation works of residential houses and public buildings.

Installation of interior details

Enhance the look and feel of your space with professional installation of interior details like lamps, mirrors, and decor.

Installation of windows and doors

Improve energy efficiency and security by letting professionals handle the installation of windows and doors.

Plumbing services

We do all plumbing work. Carefully, responsibly and professionally. From free advice to professional work.

Interior finishing works

We perform high-quality interior finishing works: plasterboard installation, ceiling installation, floor laying, etc.